Type 303 BR AM/RL

This convenient 320 kN workhorse is designed and built for really heavy transportation. The innovative air driven automatic opening mechanism is a safety feature saving time and trouble for the driver.

With its unsurpassed reliabilty and long product life Type 303 BR AM/RL gives you excellent value for money.

ECE No. E11 55R-0110486


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About us

Established in 1922, German Ringfeder GmbH is a world-leading manufacturer of heavy-duty towing equipment.

Top technology

Ringfeder products are the result of intense R&D together with our long experience and deep knowledge in the field of heavy transportation. All manufacturing is done according to the highest quality standards, assuring a quality product based on top technology.

Worldwide professional

The dealer network and experienced specialist consultants provide for competent consultancy and service. Worldwide, the Ringfeder brand stands for professional top technology and guarantees a maximum of service, quality and reliability.


Rogerio Ramos
Regional Director Sales Latin America

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